Start or Join your local Neighbourhood watch Report information to the Police securely Receive Alerts by Text, Voice and email: stay in touch There are many people in our communities that carry knives -  Police Officers, Paramedics, Firefighters and delivery drivers to name but a few but this does not give them an excuse to carry these items all the time.

If a Police Officer carries a knife while on duty, but then takes this same knife home when he is off duty, he can be arrested the same as any one else. There is such a catagory as lawful excuse. This means that you can use a knife for everyday use as part of your work, for example, carpet fitters use and carry knives, Butchers use knives, chefs use knives, builders use knives, but these must be kept within the confines of their work.  They cannot carry them outside of their work enviroment.

If you own a knife...such as a penknife,  as soon as you carry this in a public place, you can be arrested for possesion of an offensive weapon.

Offensive weapon persay - these are weapons that the goverment have decided that, no matter what excuse you give for carrying the weapon, you will be arrested and charged and possibly face 4 years in prison. Weapons that come under this category are -

Flick Knives, Butterfly Knives, Lock Knives