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1) Don't Touch it.....The knife could have very important forensic evidence on it, such as DNA, Blood, fibres, fingerprints, if you pick it up then you could potentially erase this evidence.

2) Cover it up......if you can try and cover it up by using a carrier bag or old rag.  This will ensure that no-one else can see the knife and also you will be protecting any possible evidence that may be on it. If you are covering it over with a bag, then lay the bag ontop of the knife and place a small stone or another slightly heavy object on top.  There is no need to lift the knife up and wrap the bag around it, as the bag may wipe off any evidence on the knife. Just place the bag on top and then put the weight on top of the bag.

3) Move to a safe distance......Once the knife is covered, move to a safe distance, about 50 metres or enough distance so that you can just see where the knife is. The reason why you don't stand next to the knife is that it could have been used in a serious crime and the criminal may be on their way back to get it. If they have used it in a crime then they will not think twice about using it on you, so keep your distance....

4) Ring 999 and ask for Police........once you are at a safe distance, then ring 999.  This will mean that you can talk to the police safely and if someone does return to the knife then you will be able to possibly give a description without putting yourself in danger. ALL 999 CALLS ARE FREE

5) I haven't got a mobile phone.......DON'T WORRY..... go to a nearby house and ask the occupant to ring the police on your behalf.  DO NOT GO INTO THE HOUSE.  If they ask you to go in, politely explain that you need to stay outside to see in case anyone comes back to the Knife

6) .There are no houses close by.....If you are in a situation where there are no houses close by then look out for private hire taxis, buses and other public service vehicles.  These vehicles have radios so that they can contact their control and inform the police on your behalf.  If you cannot find any of these then leave the knife where it is, cover it up with a plastic bag or piece of rag - whatever is lying around, then go to the nearest location and ring the police from there, remembering where you last saw it so you can tell the police exactly where they can find it.

7) I have rung the police but the Knife has now gone and I am now worried.... Don't be, if the police get a report that a Knife has been found and when they get there it has gone, they would rather turn up to no knife than someone that has been seriously injured. The police will investigate any call made to them.

If you make a call to the police about finding a Knife, the Police officers will need to speak to you, as you are an important link in what could be a serious investigation.  You don't know where the Knife has come from or what it has been used in but the police may be looking for this weapon and you could have found the missing piece of a very important puzzle.