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In April 2009 an educational roadshow called - K.A.G.E (Knife And Gun Education) was created. The stimulus for creating KAGE was that in 2007 a 17 year old teenager, Jason Spencer, was stabbed to death on a busy main road in broad daylight.
Following this incident a number of local primary as well as secondary schools began contacting the creator of K.A.G.E, Daz Corbett, reporting that children as young as 6 years of age were bringing BB guns and pen knives into school. Once the schools had found out which pupil was in possession of the gun/knife they were unsure on how to deal with the situation and the weapon was often returned to the parents of the young person or kept in a drawer on school premises.

Daz was adamant that K.A.G.E would not follow the traditional method of an adult going into the school and preaching to loads of young people.  He wanted it to be different, effective and memorable so he decided to establish a high impact road show, utilising firearms that had been obtained from suspects and knives that had been used in crimes, to show the young people what is out there and what youngsters their age were and are carrying and using within their community.

The well-structured talks last for about an hour, they cover a range of topics but all are to do with offensive weapons, firearms, crime scene preservation, first aid and helping others.
Since April 2009,when KAGE became an official learning package, with over 4000 young people spoken to about the law, the dangers, the consequences and responsibilities of carrying weapons and being with people that carry weapons. Feedback from all parties, pupils, teachers and parents has been excellent but it is felt that some further follow up work and an incentive was required to create a longer lasting reminder and incentive for children to not carry a weapon. 
If you would like further information on KAGEUK then please contact daz on:-

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Mob - 07816591130